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  1. List of souvenirs. The list below includes all souvenirs. While souvenirs for geographical location are still discoverable, souvenirs for specific dates and time periods are likely not. If a souvenir has a time parameter, the souvenir zone will expire at the end of the time period
  2. Souvenir list; Markdown-incompatible logs; Catalan Catalan; Chinese Traditional Chinese Traditional; Czech Czech; Danish Danish; Dutch Dutch; English, Australia English, Australia; English, United Kingdom English, United Kingdom; English, United States English, United States; Finnish Finnish; French French; German German; Hungarian Hungarian; Italian Italian; Latvian Latvia
  3. Geocaching HQ Souvenir: Geocaching Headquarters; Souvenirs für spezielle Zeitpunkte . 10-10-10 Souvenir (Bedingung: Loggen eines Caches am 10.10.2010) 12-12-12 Souvenir (Bedingung: Loggen eines Caches am 12.12.2012) 15 Years of Geocaching (Bedingung: am 02. bis 03.05.2015 ein Cache oder Event loggen) 02-02-20 Fun in all directions (Bedingung: am 02.02.2020 ein Cache oder Event loggen

GC80301. 7 Aug 2021. UK Mega 2021 - Lincolnshire. United Kingdom. GC928T3. 7 Aug 2021. 2021 Metro Gathering ~ NJ's American Revolution. United States. GC93D53 That's one way to collect a geocaching souvenir. Let's look at another. Zone Souvenirs This is an example of a geocaching zone souvenir. Zone souvenirs are location souvenirs because they are awarded when you find a geocache in a particular geographic location. Let's say you are in Muncie, Indiana and decide to go geocaching. While obtaining coordinates for a cache, you see that Muncie is located in a souvenir zone This thread is the home of the list of all released souvenirs. It will be updated as more souvenirs are released. To learn more about souvenirs: http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?p...page&id=272. Questions? contact@geocaching.com Cheers! ===== EDIT August 2011: Please see our Knowledge Books for the full list

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The A-Team maintains a web page that is considered to be the definitive list of souvenirs that are available here: http://thea-team.net/souvenir. It lists all souvenirs that have ever been released as well as those that will become available (mostly associated with mega events). I like collecting the country/region based souvenirs. Note that not all countries have a souvenir available. About half of the 24 countries in which I've found a cache don't have a souvenir. The country/region. Die Liste der bisher vergebenen Ereignissouvenirs ist lang. Neben besonderen Tagen gibt es auch die Souvenirs für nur im Geocaching-Spiel verankerte Aktionen. Aus der vergangenen Zeit dürfte Mary Hyde noch bekannt sein. Aber auch der Dönerstag oder Leap Day oder die FlashMobs gehören daz Of course if you have an iPhone, you will eventually (if not already) be able to get souvenirs just by opening the geocaching iPhone app when you are in the area. You don't actually need to log any caches. Perhaps the person who posted how to get souvenirs by logging a find and then deleting it was simply trying to put non-iPhone users on a par with those using the iPhone

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The Collector - Dieses Souvenir gibt es, wenn man einen Virtual, Wherigo, eine Webcam oder eine Letterbox gefunden hat. Last but not least: The Achiever - Dieses Souvenir gibt es, wenn man alle anderen Souvenirs erhalten hat. Das Ganze ist also darauf ausgelegt, mal etwas mehr als nur Tradis zu suchen. Weitere Infos gibts auf geocaching.com Geocaching is a treasure hunting game where you use a GPS to hide and seek containers with other participants in the activity. Geocaching.com is the listing service for geocaches around the world

The confirmed souvenir moments for 2021 are: Cache In Trash Out®, Season 1: March 1 through May 31. Blue Switch Day: April 30 through May 2. International Geocaching Day: August 21. Cache In Trash Out®, Season 2: September 1 through November 30. International Earth Cache Day: October 9 and 10. Farewell 2021: December 3 For example, by finding an EarthCache on International EarthCache Day (each year in October), you can earn a souvenir. These souvenirs are also normally publicised via the Geocaching Blog. 3. By attending a mega event Many mega events have their own associated souvenir, which you will earn by logging your attendance. 4. By completing the summer souvenir 'mission

This makes a total of 145 geocaches in the Geotour. However, to successfully complete it, you have to find only 3 geocaches in every county which adds up to 87 geocaches. Now to be actually able to collect the souvenir for completing this tour, you would have to find all 145 caches of this Geotour. Sometimes some are deactivated because the boxes got stolen or went missing. If you are just unable to log 1 single geocache, you won't get the souvenir There are two main types of souvenirs: Souvenirs for geographical locations; Souvenirs for specific dates or time periods; To discover a souvenir, you must log a cache as Found It, Attended, or Webcam Photo Taken within the souvenir zone. For instance, log a cache in Brazil to get the country souvenir. Log your attendance to a Mega-Event to get the event souvenir

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On our geocaching podcast today we'll be chatting all about souvenirs with some interesting history. We have the results of a Facebook poll on how YOU feel about souvenirs, a fantastic souvenir resource you may not know about, geocaching question of the day, CITO changes for 2019 and much more. Listen To The Show (44:48) Show Discussion: Please chat about the show by commenting on this post. Home; Souvenirs; Date-based; Specific Caches; Mega/Giga Events; Countries; GeoTours; Other Souvenirs; Unreleased; All Souvenirs; Files; This is a list of all released souvenirs, displayed in the layout found on the profile souvenir pages on Geocaching.com. #IFF - Main Event |CET2018| The Best of Twente |OFZE2017| 10th anniversary. 1. GEOCOINFEST 2011

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The confirmed souvenir moments for 2021 are: Cache In Trash Out®, Season 1: March 1 through May 31. Blue Switch Day: April 30 through May 2. International Geocaching Day: August 21. Cache In Trash Out®, Season 2: September 1 through November 30. International Earth Cache Day: October 9 and 10 Feb 29, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Todd Kimbrel. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Letztes Jahr gab es ja die 31 Days of Geocaching-Souvenirs. Für jeden Tag im August, an dem man einen Geocache gefunden hat, ein Souvenir. In diesem Jahr macht es Groundspeak etwas kleiner und eher auf Geocaching-Anfänger ausgelegt. Es gibt nur sieben neue Souvenirs für verschiedene Funde: The Explorer - Dieses Souvenir gibt es, wenn man einen Tradi gefunden hat. The Puzzler. Souvenir: Fun in all Directions. Recently it was announced that there will be a new souvenir called Fun in all directions to be earned on Sunday 2nd February. This special date is an international palindrome, 02.02.2020! By simply finding any geocache, Adventure Lab or attending an event on the day you will be able add this pretty cool looking digital souvenir to your collection.

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  1. List of Available Souvenirs. Saved by Janet Dixon. Texas Roadtrip European Countries Geocaching Washington Dc Croatia Utah Virginia Road Trip Bucket
  2. Another one would be the The Souvenir Junkie that's what I've become. Love getting any type of cache, but really go out of my way to earn that Souvenir. Sarah. February 9, 2016 at 5:06 pm Reply. I have to say I do that too!! powertool. February 9, 2016 at 5:18 pm Reply. I have been caching since the early morning hours of Geocaching time. I don't care for FTF hounds. I am mostly.
  3. iature railways! We currently have 4224 Caches and 613718 Found Logs, 39795 Did Not Finds and 2947 Cachers attending Events in our database . We can be found in over 30 different countries, such as the.
  4. ds behind Geocaching.com, recently announced that they were adding five new geocaching country souvenirs to its massive list of souvenir locations. All of these can be accessed immediately, and can be earned by logging a cache or attending an event in any of these countries. Without further ado, here's the list
  5. 366 Days of Geocaching Geocoin 2010 Alaska Geocoin Alberta the Moose Travel Tag Cache Counter Geocoin Das Ulmer FORT 2010 Defender Geocoins Dreiländerhalle EarthCache Geocoins Elch X-ing Geo-Achievement Geocaching - All In One Geocoin 2008 Geocaching Holiday Tag Homepage-Coi
  6. GoSA Grapevine August 2017 - International Geocaching Day 02 August 2017 GoSA Grapevine July 2017 - Lost Treasure of Mary Hyde 30 June 2017 GoSA Grapevine June 2017 - Canada Day Souvenir 01 June 2017 GoSA Grapevine May 2017 - Big Blue Switch Souvenir 01 May 2017 GoSA Grapevine April 2017 - All About The Number
  7. Sep 24, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Gary Slinkard. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

Geocaching Gift Ideas; Gift Certificates; Clearance. Items On sale; Last Chance Items; Account . New Products. Geocaching Logo Carabiner Bottle Opener . $5.99. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. Perseverance Calibration Geocoin . Rating: 100%. 3 Reviews. $13.99. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. Trackable Wine Stopper Geocoin. Nov 21, 2020 2020, Abziehbildchen, Geocaching, Souveniers, Weltwunder Jedes Jahr gibt es eine (oder zwei) besondere Souvenir-Jagt bei Geocaching. Heute erkläre ich euch wie Ihr in Windows oder auf dem Handy nach den entsprechenden Geocaches suchen könnt, damit Ihr die 3 neuen Geocaching Souvenirs bekommt These are all of the souvenirs that are either scheduled or likely to be released, but. Nur so gelangst Du zu diesem Souvenir! Übrigens, falls Du eine Liste mit allen verfügbaren Souvenirs suchst so wirst Du hier fündig. Wir können Dir mit unserem Logservice bestimmt helfen das ein oder andere Klebebildchen noch zu ergattern . teilen ; twittern ; teilen ; Kategorien Allgemein Schlagwörter Datenbank, Geocaching, Klebebildchen, Mystery, Nachtcache, SelfieStickLogger.

Onlinemagazin für alle Geocaching-Süchtigen. Cachoholic Geocachingmagazin - Sucht nach Dosen! Informationen, Tipps und Tricks. Skip to content. Startseite; Geocaching. Ausrüstung; Aktionen ; Empfehlenswerte Caches; Events; Plauderecke; Souvenirs; Tests; Tipps und Tricks; Useful Things; Ich lese; Umfragen; Presseschau; Über mich; Impressum; Datenschutz; Multi-Serie die gefällt: die Wisp Zu dieser Liste können wir sogar das Finden eines Geocaches hinzufügen! All das verdanken wir einer Veränderung, die am GPS im Jahr 2000 gemacht wurde. Als das GPS ursprünglich entwickelt wurde, war es nur für den Gebrauch des US Militärs zur Verfügung gestanden. Letztendlich wurde das GPS auch für den zivilen Gebrauch zugänglich gemacht, aber mit eingeschränkter Genauigkeit. Das. All who found a cache on this day were awarded with the 12/12/12 souvenir! 47. December 31, 2012 - For the end of 2012, there were a total of 657 active caches on Guam, only 23 more than last year due to the number of caches being archived during the year. Top Hider for the year was Geofreqman with 28 hides. The Top Finder for the year was Matzers with 309 finds. The Top Cache found. We have a list of all the caches and their descriptions. And just to make life even easier, we have maps of the area showing the locations of caches. We have a map that prints on 2 pages of 8.5 x 11. You can trim and overlap them to get one large map. If you have access to a large printer you can print out an 11 x 17 map

Strana 1 z 2 - Leap Day Geocaching Souvenir! - vloženo do Oznámení: There's one thing money cannot buy and all geocachers want - more time to go geocaching. On Leap Day (this February 29), geocachers' wishes come true; there's a whole extra day on the calendar to go geocaching! And Geocaching.com is providing an additional incentive to get outside on the 29th - a Leap Day souvenir for all. Geocaching / ˈ dʒ iː oʊ ˌ k æ ʃ ɪ ŋ / is an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called geocaches or caches, at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world.. A typical cache is a small waterproof container containing a. Geocaching Geo-Speak = Acronyms . One thing geocachers do after finding a geocache is to log their find in a physical logbook at the cache site. This is fun for the finder and gives the geocache owner a personal record of who has found their cache. Space can be limited in log books and that is where geocaching geo-speak comes in handy Posts about Souvenirs written by ds8300. Geocaching with DS8300. Occasional update on my geocaching activities. Home About; World view ; A quiet October 15 11 2016. For various reasons October was a very quiet geocaching month, in fact an incredibly quiet geocaching month. In total I found three caches and was awarded two souvenirs and a badge for my profile. International Earthcache Day 21016.

Mystery-Datenbank lebt noch. Kocherreiter. 8. Februar 2018. Die Mystery-Datenbank lebt noch und wird häufiger genutzt als ich dachte. Ich kämpfe mich gerade durch einen Mystery bei dem der Geochecker nicht grün werden will (nein ich verrate den GC-Code nicht). Wenn ich absolut nicht weiter komme, habe ich kein Problem damit den Owner oder. Wild Caches - Geocaching Containers, Davenport, Fl. 870 likes. We are homebased and we are dedicated to creating hand-made geocaching containers Note: Geocaching Premium gift memberships are immediately credited to user's accounts. You can also purchase a Geocaching Premium gift card if you are within the United States or Canada, or through select International Retailers. Your Information Name. Email. Confirm Email. Recipient's Information . Note: The recipient must already have a Geocaching account. If they don't, create one for them. War Memorials are a series of geocaches placed nearby to War Memorials. Initially started by Just-Us-Two when they placed the first cache in the village of Sedgefield, Durham on 1 July 2014 . Home; Bookmarks. Bookmark Lists: - 0001 - 1000 - 1001 - 2000; Gallery ↪; Get Involved - Place a Cache - Number Request - HTML Page Generator; Profile Badges - Finds Profile Badge - Rank Tables - War.

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An EarthCache is a special type of geocache you can visit to learn a geology lesson developed by the community. How to find your first EarthCache. Create a Geocaching.com account. Go to 'Play' and use Filter to show only EarthCache locations. Visit a cache and log your find! Start now by creating your account. Create Account Sign Up for Email. Dig Deeper into EarthCache. Create your own. Souvenirs are virtual tokens you can score and display on your public profile on Geocaching.com. To get one you need to find a certain cache or attend a specific event. Find out more about souvenirs on the help centre article. You can find the souvenirs you've acquired here: Your list of souvenirs

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Listen To The Show (44:11) Show Discussion: Please chat about the show by commenting on this post below. Show Images: Go to the Flickr set Links mentioned in the show New country souvenir, Costa Rica Introducing Virtual Rewards 2.0! Enter for a chance to create a Virtual Cache. Welcome to Las Vegas - Nevada The view of an Honest Man. There are millions of geocaches worldwide, just waiting for you to find them. There are probably even some within walking distance of where you are right now. Visit Geocaching.com to see just how many geocaches are nearby and to learn how to start finding them ; all that was in Fusha... in Egyptian dialect would be souvenir = تذكار = tezkar I have a souvenir for you = عندي ليك.


  1. Log a geocache in a souvenir zone; Search for a geocache using the Geocaching Application while in a souvenir zone; Souvenirs should show up automatically on your profile on Geocaching.com, but if it doesn't, you can always delete the log and re-log it, or else edit to make sure that it's listed in the correct day and has all the correct information. Learn more here. As far as I know.
  2. Geocaching souvenirs list. Compare Search ( Please select at least 2 keywords ) Most Searched Keywords. Certificate key usage warning 1 . Give user root privileges mysql 2 . Pain on inside of arm 3 . How to rig a trout line 4 . Best surf fishing in oregon 5 . Taylormade burner irons set 6 . Premier neuro therapy 7 . Auto insurance crossword puzzle 8 . Surgical technology quizlet exams 9.
  3. But instead of a treasure map, you use GPS to find and seek containers (caches) hidden all over the world in spots listed on various geocaching websites. Caches are filled with trinkets and a log of other geocachers who've found it before you. You can give and take what's in the cache to make trades or keep as a souvenir, but at its heart, it's all about going off the beaten path.
  4. I kept the GIFF (aka Geocaching International Film Festival) on my radar until all the events were published, and then we found the closest one to us at a mere 132 miles away in Dickinson, North Dakota. W
  5. If you want to see what they are, click on the souvenirs tab of my profile. Seems like fluff. In all these cases, I didn't log anything. I just opened the iPhone geocaching app while in the vicinity of each of these events. At least that's how I remember it. For sure on GS Headquarters. I didn't log that when I got the souvenir, but I was.

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  1. Souvenir (Liste aller bisherigen und aktuellen Souvenirs) an diesem Wochenende mit dem Namen 15 Years of Geocaching . Wer sich dies nach einem Log verdient/erschlichen hat, erhält bereits einen Hinweis für die diesjähige Sommer-Challenge. In der Beschreibung weist das Bildchen auch gleich schon auf den bevorstehenden Souvenir-Sommer hin
  2. All about Geocaching in Maryland! CAM 2020 Information Thread. Wed Feb 05, 2020 2:48 pm . CAM 2020 INFORMATION THREAD Subscribe to this thread to receive the most current information about CAM 2020 as it progresses from planning to completion! If you don't see the link to subscribe to the topic, try again after logging in to the forums. Re: CAM 2020 Information Thread. Sun Feb 09, 2020 10:34.
  3. On our geocaching podcast today, we'll share about our mountain geocaching adventures and describe the cache maintenance jobs that Sonny did with his many handy tools. We also have some exciting adventure lab news related to the geocaching app, feedback on essential gear, new geocaching souvenirs and much more. Listen To The Show (47:16) Sho

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All About the Geocache Talk Stash. Geocache Talk loves to challenge cachers and attempt to bring innovative ideas to our favorite hobby, geocaching. The Network recently revealed their newest side game, involving puzzles, mystery, and adventure. Show 108 The Big Reveal explained this exciting contest in Read more This guide is just for reference, if no policies for the area you're looking for are listed, that doesn't mean no policies exist. You must still obtain permission to place your geocache from the landowner or land manager, comply with all applicable laws, and follow the Geocaching Listing Requirements One Souvenir with Popcorn on the Side, Please GIFF Weekend is right around the corner. Your popcorn is popped and your cell phone is off — but where do you go to see the films? Check out this bookmark list to find a registered GIFF Weekend Event near you. And added bonus: By attending a GIFF Weekend Event on November 5-8, you'll not only see the magic of geocaching brought to the big (or. Le géocaching (ou geocaching) est un loisir qui consiste à utiliser la technique du géopositionnement par satellite (GPS) pour rechercher ou dissimuler des « caches » ou des « géocaches », dans divers endroits à travers le monde. Une géocache typique est constituée d'un petit contenant étanche et résistant, comprenant un registre des visites et parfois un ou plusieurs. Geocaching HQ will be making a public announcement on Friday and again on Monday about this but they are giving us, once again the advanced info. There will be 2 new limited-time digital souvenirs available for geocachers. GC HQ will be announcing a couple slices of pie to the Pi Day celebrations. Celebrate this year's Pi Day with two new.

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The coordinates were then listed on the internet and modern-day geocaching was born. The first one to find the cache was Mike Teague who took the money and left some cigarettes, a cassette tape and a pen. That original bucket was severely damaged by an Oregon road crew mower and no longer exists. TEAM 360 and other concerned geocachers recognized the importance of this spot and created the. Geocaching API client library for node.js. Contribute to ludoo0d0a/geocaching-api development by creating an account on GitHub Traveling geocaches listed on Geocaching.com have ridden off into the sunset. On May 22, 2017, the following log was posted to all remaining Traveling Geocaches: Geocaching HQ is archiving this traveling geocache and offering the cache owner an option to convert it to a trackable with a special icon Geocaching is a worldwide game of hide-and-seek. A geocacher searches for treasures hidden by fellow geocachers by pinpointing its location using smartphones and other GPS-enabled technology. Floyd County offers over 200 caches hidden within 50 miles. Visit geocaching.com for a full list of caches in Rome & Floyd County

Geocaching.com directs you to the coordinates for geocaches (boxes of stuff) hidden all over the city (remember, if you take something, you need to leave something). The caches are hidden all over the. Check out 30 Fun Ideas for Geocaching Flash Mobs: Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3. 2020: WWFM XVII Bookmark List. Announcements. WWFM XVII PATHTAGS are HERE Order yours now here:Official WWFM 2020 Pathtags Posted Mar 22, 2020, 9:11 PM by PodCacher WWFM XVII (2020) Logo Here is the Logo you can use for the WWFM XVII events in 2020. Posted Mar 6, 2020, 11:36 AM by PodCacher WWFM XVI Logo Here is the.

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Did you know that geocaches are hidden in 191 different countries on all seven continents—even Antarctica! Learn more about the history of geocaching when you take a walk down Memory Lane to celebrate the last 20 years of geocaching. Now through January 3, you can earn up to five souvenirs by finding geocaches 6 neue Ländersouvenire Bei Geocaching.com. 12. April 2015 9. Mai 2019 Snake20x 2414 views. Seit Dezember 2014 gibt es wieder neue Ländersouvenire.Ihr könnt nun in 6 verschiedenen Ländern euch ein Souvenir für eure Statistik ergattern. Manche habt ihr eventuelle schon und bekommt sie sofort, andere Länder interessieren euch nun vielleicht noch ein wenig mehr. Hier gibt es ab sofort auch. It came all the way from Germany, and the objective was to return it to its factory of origin. One of the caches we found when Geocaching. It was a film canister that contained various trinkets. A tiny cache we found that contained an even tinier logbook. Getting started with Geocaching. 1) Download the Geocaching app 2) Pick a dot (cache) on the map 3) Start navigating towards it 4) Either.

LIST OF ALL THE GEOCACHE ITEMS AND THEIR LOCATIONS. CHAPTER 1 . NATIONAL TREASURE-It is located on the bookshelf that is on the left side. It is a red fountain pen that belonged to John Hancock. The 160+ pages of this book includes GC codes and insider tips for hundreds of active geocaches, lists of the top geocaches to find in a variety of categories and ratings, information on how to travel to and around the region you'd only get from a local, and details on day trips to other amazing locations outside of the Lower Mainland of BC. Add to this a variety of insights into activities. Listen now to Headhardhat's Geocaching Quiz XIII - GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast: Ep. 212 from GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast : Geocaching Insights on Chartable. See historical chart positions, reviews, and more Geocaching, Insel, Kreuzfahrt, Quad, Reisen, Royal Caribbean Hängeseilbrücke Geierlay, ein Geocaching-Tagesausflug Seit Oktober 2015 ist die 360 m lange und bis zu 100 m hohe Hängeseilbrücke Geierlay bei Mörsdorf im Hunsrück fertiggestellt

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Mit dem neuen Update ihrer App haben sich die Geocaching-Macher von Groundspeak keine Freunde gemacht: Performance und Funktionen lassen zu wünschen übrig As part of a promotional blitz for The Revenant, Geocaching.com and Fox have teamed up to place 20 props packages around the US, Mexico, Europe, and Australia, with tracking data on Geocaching See all your blue frowns and turn those into smilies! - Offline Vector Maps Maps can be saved for offline use using powerful offline capabilities using OpenStreet vector maps. - Offline caches Save caches to offline lists for use anywhere! - Offline filtering Filter lists of caches by attributes and other cache data - Bulk log uploa 4 1. Western Australia - Geocaching.com Souvenir by Groundspeak Lackey. 5. Victoria - Geocaching.com Souvenir by Groundspeak Lackey. 4. Australian Capital Territory - Geocaching.com Souvenir by Groundspeak Lackey. 3. Tasmania - Geocaching.com Souvenir by Groundspeak Lackey. 2

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Il geocaching è un tipo di caccia al tesoro in cui i partecipanti, detti geocacher, usano un ricevitore GPS per nascondere o trovare dei contenitori di differenti tipi e dimensioni. Questi contenitori sono chiamati geocache o più semplicemente cache. Una cache può avere svariate dimensioni o essere di vari tipi, ad esempio può essere un contenitore da frigorifero. All'interno della. You will receive an email from Geocaching HQ notifying you when your event has been approved. Your event will be added to a List of approved GIFF 2019 Events. What exactly is in the GIFF film reel? The GIFF film reel will contain the films that are selected as finalists from all of the submissions Geocaching HQ receives All of these geocoins are now listed in the sidebar of this blog and may also be viewed in person at any event I am attending. I've also added a sidebar that shows each event I am planning to attend (and that each of these geocoins will be available for discovery at), directly from my Google calendar. Comments Off on GC59EGT: 10th Annual GCCO Chili Challenge. Posted in Events. South Park. All Locationaless/Reverse caches on Geocaching.com are archived and future publication of Virtual and Webcam caches prohibited. May 27, 2006 . GeoWoodstock 4 becomes the first Mega Event. The event type is retroactively changed after attendance surpasses 500. 2006. The Opencaching network begins, linking a series of country-specific geocache sites in Europe and later elsewhere in the world. Just like a modern-day treasure hunt, we have proudly joined the geocaching revolution right in the heart of Aberdeenshire - in fact we're the only place in Scotland with an official Geotour. The 'Explore Royal Deeside' Geotour has 20 caches running along the Deeside Way from Drumoak to Ballater and up to Braemar , creating a fun way to explore the majestic area of Royal Deeside

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Hosted by Newo Max, this event satisfied theMeet Your Road Trip Crew requirement for the geocaching.com Road Trip 2015 Souvenir. To add to the excitement Jetzt Ostsee Souvenir Angebote durchstöbern & online kaufen. E-Bikes - Fernseher - Kühlschränke - Smartphones - Rasenmäher - Haus & Garten. FeelGood-Shop.com - Nahrungsergänzungsmittel www.feelgood-shop.com. Nur geprüfte Markenqualität direkt vom Hersteller. Jetzt bestellen! Angebote - Top-Seller - Sportnahrung - Gelenke. Organist - organisieren leicht gemacht www.musiker-uwe.

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