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With actual browser hijackers though, that cause browsers on Android to randomly open webpages we suggest the following: Step 1: Remove poor quality apps On your Android device, press and hold your device's power butto On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app . Go to a webpage. To the right of the address bar, tap More Info . Tap Site settings. Under Permissions, tap Notifications. If you don't see Permissions or Notifications, the site doesn't have notifications turned on. Turn the setting off. More info about malwar Hastopic is an Android version of the widespread browser hijacker software category - apps that take over one's browser and trigger automatic page redirects in it. Hastopic is likely to gain a wide range of permissions on your device without your knowledge and should therefore be removed AdwCleaner is a free and portable browser hijacker removal software for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. Using this software, you can remove all types of browser hijacker programs which automatically change your browser settings and homepage. Besides this, it also uninstalls all the unwanted toolbars which are installed by various software in the browser. Another good thing about this software is that it supports many popular browsers to remove browser hijacker programs from, lik

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A2A. It's typically not a virus, per se. A virus is a program that can infect another program or active content data file (such as a Microsoft Word Document) with itself, as a result of running or opening the infected program or document. It's m.. Browser Hijack Removal Tool free download - Junkware Removal Tool, W32.Nimda.A@mm (Nimda) Removal Tool, Conficker Removal Tool, and many more program

Remove browser hijacker and malicious extensions with AdwCleaner. If Zemana anti malware and MalwareBytes cannot remove browser hijacker virus, then we suggests to use the AdwCleaner. AdwCleaner is a free removal tool for hijackers, adware, PUPs and toolbars. Download AdwCleaner by clicking on the link below The manual way will help to weaken this hijacker and the free malware removal tools will completely get rid of Plenty O' Apps and restore the Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome settings to default. The below tutorial for devices using Windows, for Android phones, use How to remove virus from Android phone, and for Apple computers based on Mac OS use How to delete browser.

Geben Sie in die Adresszeile Ihres Browsers chrome://extensions/ ein. Suchen Sie nun alle Ihnen nicht bekannten Erweiterungen aus und klicken Sie anschließend auf den Mülleimer. Navigieren Sie in.. Schutz vor Malware, Trojanern & Spyware: Die beliebtesten kostenlosen Downloads 36 Freeware und Shareware Programme Für Windows, Mac, Linux, Android und iO Drag the app from the Applications folder to the Trash (located in your Dock), then right click the Trash icon and select Empty Trash. In the uninstall programs window: look for any recently installed suspicious applications (for example, Show Tabs ), select these entries and click Uninstall or Remove Browser hijacking occurs when unwanted software on an internet browser alters the activity of the browser. Internet browsers serve as the window to the internet, and people use them to search for information and either view it or interact with it. Sometimes companies add small programs to browsers without permission from users. The makers of hijacking software range from computer and software manufacturers to hackers — or any combination of the three

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Once it is downloaded, double-click on the iExplore.exe icon in order to automatically attempt to stop any processes associated with Rambler.ru Browser Hijacker and other malware. Please be. Choose Application in the newly opened screen. In the Application folder, drag the app to Trash. Right click on the Trash icon and then click on Empty Trash. In the uninstall programs window, search for the PUAs. Choose all the unwanted and suspicious entries and click on Uninstall or Remove To remove Nova.rambler.ru redirect, follow these steps: STEP 1: Use Zemana AntiMalware Portable to remove browser hijackers; STEP 2: Scan and clean your computer with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware; STEP 3: Double-check for malicious programs with HitmanPro (OPTIONAL) STEP 4: Reset your browser to default setting The free Norton Power Eraser tool will help you remove Browser Hijacker malware from your browsers. Norton Power Eraser removes unwanted applications from your computer. Browser Hijacker malware changes your browser's home page and default search provider to a different one without your permission Remove Browser Malware from Mac. Like in Windows, Google Chrome doesn't have an in-built anti-virus to scan for Malware in Mac OS. However, you can still remove the Browser Malware from your Mac system manually. For that, you have to remove programs from your device that you don't remember installing or the programs that appear suspicious

Watch the above video to find out the removal steps for removing Watchonlinestreams from your browser:What is Watchonlinestreams?Watchonlinestreams is a very.. How to remove Allin1Convert Toolbar browser hijacker (Removal Guide) (PUPs) with Junkware Removal Tool. 1. Download and run JRT - Junkware Removal Tool. 2. Press any key to start scanning your computer with JRT - Junkware Removal Tool. 3. Be patient until JRT scans and cleans your system. 4. Close JRT log file and and then reboot your computer. Step 4. Ensure that. New FRP Tools 2017 by GSM Jony 100% Tested Download. Android Tools Collection 2021 100% Tested Full Free Download. in-box V4.8.0 Download iPhone Icloud Remove Tool Official. Maui Meta 3G IMEI Repair Tool Latest Version Free Download. NaviFirm 2020 Update Version V3 .2 Download Link. Advanced APKTool V4.2.0 For Windows Updated 2021. Post navigation ← Previous Post. Next Post → About The. This tool allows users to Remove Google FRP lock from any verified Android mobiles. The tool supports various Android brands including Samsung. The operating steps are also very simple but the tool is available at $65. Tool 12: FRP HiJacker by Haggard. FRP HiJacker by Haggard is the last tool on our list and also quite capable. It helps Samsung.

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  1. There are many FRP unlock tools available for Android that we can use to remove FRP. But in my opinion, this one is the best FRP unlock tool. It can remove FRP from all Android devices, and there is no need to individually download Samsung FRP unlock tool or FRP unlock tool for other OEMs. Below we have included features of All in one FRP Bypass tool so that you can know more about the tool
  2. 14 kostenlose System-Tools für Android bringen mehr Funktionen auf Ihr Smartphone: Backup, Cleaner, Dateimanager und vieles mehr
  3. SAMSUNG FRP Hijacker SUPPORTS All ANDROID 5.0, 5.1, ANDROID 6.0, 6.1, ANDROID 7.0, 7.1, ANDROID 8.0, 8.1. Android 9.0 . Download Samsung FRP Hijacker by Hagard: File Name: Samsung_FRP_2021_V1 by hagard.zip Size: 12MB Type: .exe Compatible OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 with 32&64bit Developer: GSM Hagard Download: Samsung unlock tool (Mediafire) How to use FRP hijacker tool to Bypass FRP.
  4. Browser hijacker removal the easy way. The easiest method and the one we recommend is to use CleanMyMac X, which has a tool for deleting Extensions. Download, install and launch CleanMyMac X. Choose Extensions in the sidebar. Click on a browser, and check the box next to the extensions you want to delete. Press Remove
  5. For more detail and instructions please visit https://goo.gl/tZ7LuMfor more videos visit our YouTube channel https://goo.gl/Yuo2x
  6. Click on (1) More tools then (2) Extensions. The following steps can be repeated to remove multiple browser extensions. Find the extension you want to remove, and click on REMOVE. You will get a confirmation window. Click Remove to confirm removal. You might get a new tab pop up upon removal, close the tab by hitting the X

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  1. Browser hijackers are usually written in ways common to malware, spyware and adware. In order to get rid of browser hijacker and thereby delete Searchgoose.com, you will need perform the steps below or run free removal tool listed below. How can a browser hijacker get on your devic
  2. Read on how to remove Kangstools.com manually from your computer, follow the step-by-step removal instructions provided below. In case the manual removal does not get rid of the hijacker redirect and its files completely, you should search for and remove any leftovers with an advanced anti-malware tool. Such a program can keep your computer safe in the future
  3. The free Norton Power Eraser tool will help you remove Browser Hijacker malware from your browsers. Norton Power Eraser removes unwanted applications from your computer. Browser Hijacker malware changes your browser's home page and default search provider to a different one without your permission
  4. MovieSearchZilla hijacker virus removal instruction. MovieSearchZilla is a rogue piece of software categorized as a browser hijacker. It operates by modifying browsers' settings to promote MovieSearchZilla.com - an address of a fake search engine. It is noteworthy that most of browser hijackers spy on users' browsing activities and hence it is likely that this app does so as well. Since.
  5. Using this authentic search tool, browser hijacker operators try to trick people into believing that their search engines are trustworthy. By this way, hackers increase their potentially unwanted programs' reliability. In case, you are noticing redirects to Yahoo Search on your Chrome, Explorer, Firefox or another browser, try to remember what free software have you installed on your.
  6. Posts about browser hijacker written by freeadwareremovaltool. Skip to content. Trending Technology | Free Adware Removal Tool. Search. Menu. Home; Computer Threats. adware; Malware; spyware; Ransomware; Trojan; browser hijacker; Virus; News; Business; Technology. Android ; Search for: Category: browser hijacker. browser hijacker. Detailed Overview about Dogpile Web Search Engine. 30 Nov 2018.
  7. How to remove a browser hijacker. Remove any add-ons you've recently installed on your device. Scan for browser hijackers using a trustworthy antivirus solution. How to prevent browser hijackers. Stay clear of all third party software. In your antivirus software, turn on the option to detect Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs)

How to Remove Browser Hijacker Detected by Antivirus One LAST UPDATED: NOV 25, 2020. After running a scan, you see this message below: Antivirus One is unable to automatically delete the Browser Hijacker from your computer due to App Sandboxing implemented on App Store. You need to remove it manually by following the instructions below Browser Hijacker Removal Tool Software Products That; And because some PUPs increase your risk of being exposed to actual malware, its best to nip that in the bud. It empowers you to modify your home page in a lot of ways and to quickly find, download all the government forms that you need, and conveniently access MyWay search Zemana's products are considered the best on the market in removing browser hijackers because of their proven high efficiency. Due to its behavioural technology, premium version of Zemana AntiMalware will automatically block all kinds of suspicious acitivity and programs on your device. Zemana AntiMalware as a CoolWebSearch removal tool

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  1. Browser Hijacker. Trojan-Downloader.small.guh hijacked my Google Chrome Browser, Changed my home page and i can no longer use Google Chrome as my preferred browser. I've removed all components of the Trojan, re-installed Google Chrome and still not able to use it. The page wont even load. The trojan has apparently taken over the Browser.
  2. Download Browser Hijacker Removal Tool Mac Software Advertisement ITunes DRM Media Converter v.1.1.2 Ondesoft iTunes DRM Media Converter for Mac is professional iTunes DRM removal tool that allows you to easily remove DRM from iTunes movie rentals/purchases, TV shows, music videos and convert DRM-protected M4V to MP4 to play on any video player as y.
  3. W32/ZPACK Trojan Removal Tool. v.1.0 cleanzpack.exe will detect and remove W32/ZPACK Trojan completely, from your; Artemis v.13.2.0 Artemis is a free genome browser and annotation tool that allows visualisation of sequence features, next generation data and the results of analyses within the context of the sequence, and also its six-frame translation
  4. Hijacker Removal Pc free download - W32.Blaster.Worm Removal Tool, TV 3L PC, Junkware Removal Tool, and many more program
  5. Use a tool like the Junkware Removal Tool. This tool is great for removing the descargar Mobogenie browser hijacker, which is a harmful program that hijacks your browser. Download the Junkware removal tool for removing the Browser Hijacker. Run the Junkware Removal Tool. Once it has finished downloading, double-click on the JRT.exe icon to run.
  6. Removing Browser Hijackers. Removing a browser hijacker generally means using computer virus programs that specialize in spyware removal. For example, downloading the Norton Power Eraser makes it possible to scan and remove unwanted toolbars. Norton provides the following instructions for using the Power Eraser: Download Norton Power Eraser. Click Save. Select the location as Desktop, and then.

I have had to remove browser hijacker software before on other PCs with Windows 7 and 8 but this one I cannot find anything on with any Internet searches. I am operating Windows 10. I am running Malwarebytes and Windows Defender. I can scan, detect and eliminate the hijacker software but it appears to have a built in mechanism to reproduce itself whenever you remove it so I am stuck in a. Browser Hijacker Virus - StartPageing123.com (Best Free Removal Tool) What is browser hijacker? Browser hijacker is an infection which is meant to change the browser's setting. The browser hijacker may seem to improve the search engine and its results, or we can experience the present homepage, and default search engine will turn off without the user's permission. Once infected with the. How to Remove Adware from Windows 10 Use AdwCleaner to Remove Adware. On the Internet, many adware removal tools can be used to scan the key locations in your computer for known adware and delete them. Here, we recommend using Malwarebytes AdwCleaner. It is simple to use and effective to remove bloatware, adware, unwanted toolbars, and other potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) Most browser hijackers or adware can be removed manually from the infected PCs without even using the anti-virus tools or other removal utilities. The manual steps provided below will show you how to delete Fastquicksearch.com easily step by step. Although, each of the following steps is very simple yet, if you are not skilled enough and you doubt that you can complete the process, then you. Browser hijacker Malware Distributed Through RIG Exploit Kit The RIG misuse unit , which at its pinnacle infected a normal of 27,000 machines for each day, has been joined with another device intended to commandeer perusing sessions. The malware being referred to, a rootkit called CEIDPageLock, has been conveyed through the endeavor unit as of late. As indicated by analysts from Check Point.

Clearing the cache and cookies from your browser can remove any remaining tracking from hijack sites. Open Microsoft Edge, select the Menu, point to History, and select Clear browsing data. Select the items you'd like to clear, and select Clear now. Time Range Select All time This option controls how far back to clear in history. It's recommend to clear from All time, to allow the items to. Bitdefender Adware Removal is a premium service performed by Bitdefender engineers to clean your computer of annoying adware and malicious hijacker programs Best Free Spyware Removal Tools For Windows 2021. Below are some of the best spyware remover utilities of 2021 that can help you protect your system from the latest computer viruses, malware, ransomware, and spyware attacks and restore a threat-free environment.Let's jump right into the list The sooner you uninstall MovieSearchZilla, the better. Browser hijackers install via software bundling. If you have adware or a browser hijacker installed on your computer, you may need to be more careful about how you install free programs in the future. Freeware, particularly when you download it from non-official websites, usually has offers. Remove unwanted programs (Windows, Mac) Before you reset your browser settings on a Windows or Mac, check your computer for unwanted programs. Remove malware from your computer (Windows) Chrome can help you find suspicious or unwanted programs on your computer. If Chrome finds an unwanted program, click Remove. Chrome will remove the software, change some settings to default, and turn off.

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Powerful tool which you can use to remove malware from any PC utilizing only your web browser without having to install anti-virus software. Learn more about Online Scanner . Go to Scanner. ESET Log Collector. ESET Log Collector is an application that automatically collects information and logs from your computer in order to help us resolve issues more quickly. Learn more about Log Collector. TIP: This browser hijacker often tries to modify Registry keys, browser shortcuts, and other system settings just to keep itself in the system. System settings, especially Windows Registry should be altered by experienced IT professionals only, so if you do not want to spend a day trying to delete the virus manually, we highly recommend using automatic spyware/malware removal tool. Make sure. Tag: ransomware virus removal tool Uncategorized How to remove Cerber Ransomware? April 30, 2018 April 30, 2018 bestremovebrowserhijacker. The Cerber virus accounts for about a quarter of ransom software activities, and its estimated profits are in the order of $2.3 million per year. Thus, new methods are constantly being developed, and two novelties have emerged recently: Infected computers.

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If your browser settings get modified every time you restart your browser, the browser hijacker may not only be in your browser, but somewhere in your Mac. Go to System Preferences > Users & Groups . Click Login Items to view the list of programs that automatically open when you log in. Click the - sign to remove any items you do not want to. Also go into your browser's settings and remove any default search providers and unusual homepages. If you are unsure how to do this, proceed to Step 1. Download and run the following tools in this order. Run all tools unless otherwise instructed. All tools should be run in Normal Mode (not Safe Mode) unless you are unable to boot Normal Mode, or the scans fail in Normal Mode. All tools must. Click Remove on any extensions that might be the spyware culprit. Then restart Chrome. If you didn't find any spyware in your apps or browser extensions, then you'll need to beef up your defense against the hackers with a specialized (and free!) spyware removal tool. Free Mac spyware removal Remove malware, adware, pop-up ads, browser hijacker from your computer. Stop any kind of ransomware. Download Free malware removal tool to remove Malware. Friday, 21 April 2017. ConvertMyPDF.co Browser hijacker (Virus) Removal Guide & Tool What is ConvertMyPDF.co? ConvertMyPDF.co is a browser extension. As the name suggests, it claims to allow you to convert your PDF files into other formats.

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Removal of DNS hijacker My wife's laptop has a DNS hijacker. Whenever I do a Google search (or BING, or any search), I get results, but when I click on those results, I always get to SCOUR.COM (or some affiliate). I have run MalwareBytes, AVAST anti-malware, ComboFix, and every other type of cleaner I can find. None of them work. HijackThis shows that I always have a registry entry . HKLM. In the second case, Browser Hijackers are an indication of genuine malware issue and the PC ought to be deliberately cleaned from the infection. Android Browser Hijackers. The tragic truth is that the Android stage is so substantial on publicizing that most crapvertisers don't much waste time with browser hijackers. There are special cases. Browser Hijacker Remover Tools. 1] AdwCleaner is a good tool that scans your computer for PUPs and Browser Hijackers and helps remove them easily. Potentially Unwanted Programs or PUPs are often. FRP Hijacker may be light but powerful tool that permits us to eliminate the FRP lock. This tool is employed for all kinds of FRP lock. Remove the FRP lock 2019 in download mode. it's a Phone dialer to bypass the Google account. ADB enabler and FRP remover feature make it very useful. This function is especially useful if we are getting to. Entering the Android Download mode or Odin mode is also effortless with this tool, without any risk. Android smartphones store some temporary files used for cache partition and OS updates, but they might be corrupted to cause issues like slowing down your phone, regular hangs, etc. Clear the device cache with Tenorshare ReiBoot to make it smooth, clean, and fast again, without any data loss

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Tool 1: FRP Hijacker Tool (For Samsung Only) The FRP Hijacker is a wonderful FRP bypass tool for PC. It should be noted that it is only compatible with Samsung smartphones. It has inbuilt tools to break the lock of Google account. FRP Hijacker enables the user to unlock the phone by removing the Samsung FRP while in the ADB mode Remove Samsung FRP in Download Mode. Softbrick Fixer. Phone Dialer to bypass Google account. ADB Enabler Tool. ADB FRP Remover. Final words. In brief, I would say that sometimes you need to remove FRP lock Tool. With the help of FRP HiJacker Tool 2017 cracked version, you can perform this with ease. The software will enable you to factory reset. Locating and deleting the browser hijacker manually; It is important to note that before you embark on the removal process, you need to ensure that you back up all your files to safe storage, such as an external hard drive. This is important to protect you from losing your files. How to Automatically Remove the Bing Redirect Virus. We recommend that you use this automatic method if the Bing. Das Tool ermöglicht das Entfernen von FRP von nahezu jedem Android Smartphone, inklusive Moto Serie, LG, ZTE, Huawei, Samsung, Lenovo und vielen anderen. Funktionen: FRP Bypass wird ständig aktualisiert und unterstützt die neueste Version von Android Smartphones. Die Lösung funktioniert einwandfrei beim Samsung Galaxy S8

Top 4: Android Lock Screen Removal. One other tool that can be used as an android password reset tool is UFone. This device can be used to remove the lock screen from Samsung devices and other Android devices. The software has a simple process and very easy to operate without any technical knowledge Micky Unlocker Tool V2 All Android FRP Lock Remove Tool 100% Tested Download .Xdarom.com will give almost all kind of solution to your smartphone. Either you are using An Android or an iOS device that doesn't matter to us, you will find every solution according to your need in our website. Whatever smartphone brand you Micky Unlocker Tool V2 All Android FRP Lock Remove Tool 100% Tested. Samsung FRP Call Tool mainly works for Samsung Android 8.0 Oreo, Android 7.0 Nougat, 6.0 Marshmallow, 5.0 Lollipop Android devices only. This tool mainly helps to get access to the Chrome browser or message application to bypass to Google Account verification lock. If you want to bypass the FRP lock without flashing or upgrading then you can use it to bypass the Google Account verification.

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Download-Tool herunterladen ; Schau nicht weiter, Dies ist eine echte Anleitung zum Entfernen. Lesen Sie den gesamten Artikel, da er Schritte zum Entfernen dieser Malware enthält. Wenn Sie fertig sind, laden Sie das unten stehende kostenlose Entfernungsprogramm herunter, um Ihren Computer zu reinigen. Entfernen Sie HideMeFast mit Malwarebytes. HideMeFast ist ein Browser-Hijacker. Der. Because of this reason, many Android users are looking for tools or ways to remove Google FRP lock on Android phones. However, from 5.0 Lollipop to 8.0 Oreo, the Android system was developed with many specifications and advancements in the FRP tool. This has made the Android FRP bypass more complex than before. But here you will get all the.

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To remove this browser hijacker and clean the affected shortcuts, please use the removal guide below. You should know that the page Trovi is detected as suspicious by 3 security software. Scan engine. Detection. Quttera. malicious site. AegisLab WebGuard. malware site. Fortinet. malware site. How to remove Trovi ? All tools used in this guide are completely free to use and should remove any. Download Browser Hijacker Removal Tool. How to remove Browser Hijacker manually. This problem can be solved manually by deleting all registry keys and files connected with Browser Hijacker, removing it from startup list and unregistering all corresponding DLLs. Additionally missing DLL's should be restored from distribution in case they are corrupted by Browser Hijacker. To get rid of Browser. I downloaded a BOOTCD creation tool on Internet, and inadvertently infected with 'do searches' browser hijack. It affects both IE and Firefox. And the PC become unbearably very slow. McAfee Total Protenction fullscan didnt spot any infection. But when I open the IE (firefox I uninstalled) it redirects to do searches web page and its so annoying. What McAfee tool will remove such malware or PUP.

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Malware Removal Tools; Anti-Malware Software; Remove Anti-Malware Pro 2017 PUP.Optional.AntiMalwarePro (Free Removal Guide) Anti-Malware Pro 2017 is an illegitimate or doubtful Microsoft Windows application, or better a Potential Unwanted Program (PUP) that is promoting itself as a free advantage program and Microsoft Gold partner that solves common performance problems and remove. Search Baron is a Mac app classified as a browser hijacker. It can trigger unwanted redirects or generate intrusive ads for the sake of monetization. If you see this app on your machine, it's advisable to use a proper Mac malware removal tool to get rid of it Remove it now Remove it no Remove Security Tool and SecurityTool (Uninstall Guide) A Browser Hijacker is a program, malicious or otherwise, that changes the home page or search settings of a web browser. There are some. When the browser hijacker is installed on your computer without your knowledge, it is not easy to remove. Unfortunately, there is no Uninstall Programs entry that uninstalls from your computer. In this case, you need to use the specialized tools found in this removal guide to cleanup your computer. It is a browser hijacker that is usually installed without the user's knowledge through a. Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool for PC frees your computer from annoying adware, malicious hijacker programs, unwanted toolbars and other browser add-ons installed with or without your consent. It scans your computer for adware, and produces a list of apps marked for removal. You will be able to choose what to keep on your computer

Here it is the FRP Hijacker tool to remove FRP lock on Samsung phones. Almost all Samsung smartphones come with the Android operating system. And you should know that all the Android phones have a security feature called factory reset protection. If you follow our guides then you might be aware of what is FRP lock. And if you not, then don't worry we will discuss it here in this guide. FRP. The Samsung FRP removal tool iMyFone LockWiper (Android) can also remove Android lock screen PIN, password, pattern, fingerprint, and even face lock. Find more solutions to bypass Samsung device lock screen. Download Now. 2 FRP HiJacker by Haggard. The FRP HiJacker Software, another Samsung reset/remove FRP tool, is a fantastic tool made by Haggard to help Samsung Android device users bypass.

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AdwCleaner 8.2.0 kostenlos in deutscher Version downloaden! Weitere virengeprüfte Software aus der Kategorie Sicherheit finden Sie bei computerbild.de Often hijackers try to take over your browser with your permission. This happens when downloading an app or browser extension from the web and you're flying through the install process agreeing to prompts on the fly. It usually involves tiny print or check boxes. Take your time here and read what they're asking you to do. In other cases, maybe you were searching for a common extension or. Unlock any Android device, remove any type of lock screen from an Android device (passcode, fingerprint ID, PIN, and pattern) One of the names we see appearing whenever an Android user mentions FRP is the FRP HiJacker Tool. This multipurpose tool is relatively easy to use. Not only does it bypass the Google Account Verification but it can repair soft brick too. Considering that soft. FRP Hijacker TOol should let all the Samsung users to remove the FRP from their devices. If you've forgotten your device's lock pattern, pin, or password, then you can remove it using the tool provided below. The FRP Hijacker should work only with the Samsung devices. Here's how to use FRP Hijacker Tool: Download the utility from here. Extract the contents and save them on your pc. Launch the.

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